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1. I enjoy the high-definition photographs and the precise description. The auctioneers are there to inform me, I look at the object of my choice whether I am a buyer, curious, amateur ... The door is open to me online or in our premises. I benefit from the expertise (conservation, rarity, seniority, price ...) of qualified people: the auctioneer who is a generalist, trained to estimate the goods and advise you, or his experts. A question torments me, I contact without hesitation Vasari Auction who is there to answer me.

2. I look at the estimate. Warning ! it is not a price but an indication which is there to guide me. The price setting indicates the minimum amount requested for the item, my auctions start here. I register on or depending on the platform chosen for the sale and start online auctions. If I am not comfortable, an email to or a call to 05 56 20 47 93 to be accompanied in my registration. During the duration of the sale, 10 to 20 days, I will be notified by email if my bid is exceeded.

3. During the online sale, a single click replaces the raised arm to bid. Bids increase in stages from the start of the price. I will not be there ! Don't worry, I can save a maximum amount (buy order) and let the platform bid for me, the auctioneer doesn't know that amount. I will receive an email after the sale telling me if I am the winner of the lot.

4. Please note! I take out my calculator and add 24% TTC to my auctions, these are the fees that add to the sale price.

5. The virtual hammer falls ... Awarded! This word appears on the screen and makes me owner of the object. I receive my slip the evening of the sale, I only have to pay it online without delay and ask for a possible transport quote. From that moment, I am the owner and responsible for my lot. Vasari Auction keeps it free of charge for a maximum of 10 days.

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