The inventory is a document prepared by the auctioneer detailing the furniture of an apartment, a house, a box, a garage or even a business. It details well by good, with or without photographs, the objects and furniture present by specifying the value. There are then three values:
- Replacement value: if your property disappears tomorrow, what would it cost to replace it? This is the value used in insurance inventory.
- The realizable value: it is the estimate of the price that the good would realize during an auction.
- The operating value: this is the particular value that the property takes in the context of its use. A machine specializing in the right factory will be of more interest and value to the buyer, who will have a "turnkey" workplace.

Regardless of the type of inventory, discretion is a rule and nothing can be disclosed.

THE ESTATE INVENTORY allows the heirs to escape the 5% flat rate. This package consists of considering that the furniture of a house or an apartment represents 5% of the property value of the property for the calculation of inheritance tax. Very often, these pieces of furniture do not reach such a value and it is interesting to declare them at their real value. The auctioneer then assists your notary, whose presence is generally compulsory, as well as that of the heirs.

In the same vein, an inventory can be carried out with a view to SHARING between the heirs, facilitating the subdivision for equitable sharing. This inventory is useful in many other situations, especially in the event of DIVORCE.

For INSURANCE purposes, we carry out an inventory, a copy of which will be sent to the insurer. This inventory ensures that your assets are insured at their fair value, the value they would have if you had to replace them after an accident. It is indeed sometimes difficult to estimate a painting on simple photography ... This inventory can include jewelry, furs, collectibles or simple decorative items.

As part of a guardianship or CURATELLE, an inventory of the protected person's property will also be necessary. VASARI-AUCTION supports you and draws up this inventory which will serve to protect the heritage of the protected person.

Except for the estate inventory made with the notary, we always keep a copy of the inventory allowing you to be secure over the years. Similarly, each inventory can be accompanied by photographs on request.