About Vasari Auction

1. Estimate
A fast and free estimate service

Estimating a painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture or an unusual object is the basis of the auctioneer's profession. VASARI-AUCTION answers you quickly and free of charge on a simple photograph. This estimate offers a price range and will be readjusted when it is offered for sale after a visual examination.

2. The inventory
An official document to guarantee you

By appointment and after a quote, an auctioneer moves to establish an inventory of the goods in an apartment, box, garage. This inventory carried out at your request can be useful in the context of an estate, a partition, a guardianship, a curatorship or even for insurance purposes.

3. Expertise
Precise and demanding expertise

Expertise is the counterpart of estimation: difficult to set a price without knowing the object! This is why it is at the heart of our business. Accompanied by a network of professional and approved experts, Vasari Auction makes sure to offer a complete notice for each lot offered for sale: origin, description, period, condition and dimensions, and, if necessary, explanatory note or little historical note.

4. Highlihghting 
An aesthetic and adapted highlighting

The VASARI AUCTION auction house enhances your goods to better offer them for sale: offers applied cleaning, photographs from various angles, individualized communication with buyers who would be able to be most interested.

5. The Sale
A dynamic and digital sale

VASARI AUCTION offers Internet auctions, put on line on vasari-auction.com in order to allow the democratization of auctions and to guarantee access to works to collectors and amateurs around the world via the web.
Clear and transparent, online auctions allow more effective communication between the various players in the sale and the development of a relationship of trust. It is also an opportunity to reach a young audience as much as a confirmed audience, in France, Europe and internationally.

6. Delivery
Safe, personalized and fast delivery

Important in any dematerialized sale, delivery is the culmination of our service. Vasari Auction works hand in hand with numerous partners, carriers and delivery companies, to serve France, Europe and also internationally quickly.
For each delivery, the quotes are studied to meet your criteria and requests, at a lower cost.
The packaging is neat and we try to recycle as much as possible.