How to sell auction

1. I get in touch with the auction house for a free valuation of my goods on the "Free valuations" tab, by email at, phone at +33 (0) 5 56 20 47 93 or still on social networks (Instagram and Facebook). For a house or as part of an estate, tutorship or curatorship, I make an appointment for an inventory at or

2. Is the rating right for me? I drop the item off or send it to Vasari Auction. If the Post Office is not suitable for my shipments, Vasari Auction advises me on a network of suitable carriers. For an entire house or an apartment, Vasari Auction will offer me quotes from carriers, I remain entirely free to choose them or not.

3. Upon arrival, the object is the subject of a deposit voucher which specifies its estimate and is sent to me by email or delivered by hand. If you need further authentication or expertise, Vasari Auction takes matters in hand with its network of experts.

4. Passage under the flashes! My object is cleaned if necessary, photographed and described from every angle. A sales mandate is then sent to me by email, indicating the estimate of the object and its reserve price, this is the minimum price below which I do not want to sell. This mandate tells me the sale date if it is already fixed, a second email will be sent to me otherwise.

5. The big day is approaching, when the sale goes online, Vasari Auction sends me a link allowing me to follow the auctions live until the close on the sales platform.

6. At the end of the sale, the same day as the next day, I receive a summary email of the lots put up for sale and the results of the sale. The payment will be sent to me after, the time for buyers to pay for their purchases.

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