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dimanche 11 octobre 2020 14:00
Bordeaux, 86, cours Victor-Hugo 33000 Bordeaux
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86 Cours Victor Hugo - 33000 Bordeaux
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Sales costs 24% incl. VAT
We answer all requests for further information until Friday, October 09, 2020 at 18h
Please read the general conditions of sale and in particular the storage conditions.
Special conditions for the purchase of weapons of category C subject to declaration, and category D 1° subject to registration.

For the purchase of weapons of categories C and D paragraph 1, an identity document is required, moreover according to the decree of July 30, 2013: a valid hunting license of the year or a valid shooting license.

Article 43 of the decree 30 July 2013
The acquisition by adults of weapons and their components of category C and 1° of category D is subject to the presentation of a hunting licence issued in France or abroad or any other document in lieu of a foreign hunting licence, accompanied by a validated hunting licence of the current year or a valid shooting licence.
Where it is made with a view to transfer to another European Union member state or export to a third country, the acquisition of weapons, ammunition and their components of category C items 1°, 2°, 3° and 8° is not subject to presentation to the seller of a hunting permit issued in France or abroad or one of the permits provided for in Article L.423-21. of the environment code.
This acquisition is subject to the presentation of the export licence when it is due. The acquisition of weapons of item 3 of category C, as well as the acquisition of weapons and ammunition of item 2 of category D is not subject to the presentation of one of the documents provided for in the first paragraph.
Since they are second-hand weapons, hunting and shooting weapons are sold as they are, particularly as regards the mechanisms, without any guarantee from the study or the expert. We invite the buyers to have the guns serviced before any use.

Sales conditions