My Sommelier by Vasari Auction

samedi 26 mars 2022 14:00
Bordeaux , 86, cours Victor-Hugo 33000 Bordeaux
Sale information

Sale of fine wines and spirits

Expert : Jean Christophe Lucquiaud - 92 rue Ducau - 33000 Bordeaux.

Selling expenses 24 % VAT included

The study is in charge of proposing you an estimate concerning your shipments in France and abroad, do not hesitate to come to us to obtain a quotation in advance. We answer all the requests arriving 72 hours before the closing.

The wines will be collected from our expert Mr. Lucquiaud -92 rue Ducau - 33000 Bordeaux - only by appointment at 05 56 44 64 65 or by mail at

Please take note of the general conditions of sale and in particular of storage.

Concerning the sale, especially of old vintages, we remind you that we do not guarantee the drinkability of wines.

We remind you that the lots are kept free of charge for 10 days from the Monday following the sale. After this period, you will be charged 10 euros per day for storage, unless a transport is set up according to your instructions and if the bill is paid in full at the end of this period. We thank you for taking the necessary steps to contact us to organize the recovery of your lots as soon as possible.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health - Consume in moderation

Sales conditions