M. JEAN-MARIE'S COLLECTION *** - Photographic, Audio and Accessory Equipment

samedi 07 mai 2022 14:00
Bordeaux , 86, cours Victor-Hugo 33000 Bordeaux
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Collection of Mr. Jean-Marie *** - Photographic and audio equipment

His wife pays him a tribute with the words below:

"The day we met, you had just bought the Nikon F. By the way, you always have a camera with you! On the lookout, attentive to everything around you, you know, thanks to the quality cameras you have found, chosen and mastered, how to capture the beauty of a landscape, to seize a particular effect of light, to notice a detail, a harmony of forms and thus give us another way of seeing the ordinary...

You are also there to immortalize a moment of family life or friendship, you are the memory!

Passionate about the quality of the images, you are also passionate about recording and listening, demanding in the choice of a material studied, tested, compared, chosen with care to restore with precision, without distortion the music or the sounds.

You introduced me to real listening, in order to feel the emotion of the music and the purity of the voices!

In our first small apartment, Audiotec equipment was one of the first pieces of furniture in our living room!

For almost 50 years, you have built with passion, requirement, pleasure this collection that traces the history of technology, progress in the field of photography and in the field of listening equipment! But it is also your story!

In order to honor the memory of Jean-Marie who left us 6 years ago, I wish that other enthusiasts continue to make this collection live, in the respect of the same values!"

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Photo credits : François SEJOURNE

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