• Sold 7 000 €
    Sold 7 000 €
    Peinture sur soie polychrome représentant
    une famille de hauts-fonctionnaires qui honore ses ancêtres.
    Période Qing, XVIIIème siècle
  • Sold 3 700 €
    Sold 3 700 €
    Plateau en bronze à décor en émaux polychromes
    dans le bassin d'un cygogne survolant la mer, ...
  • Sold 2 500 €
    Sold 2 500 €
    KIYOTOSHI Yoshiido (XIXème siècle)
    Oiseau combattant un dragon
    Bronze à patine brune.

Around the world

The world is full of cultural riches where each region has its history, its crafts and its cults, Vasari Auction presents witnesses of this diversity in Art & Decoration, Bric & Broc or Au Pays du soleil du levant sales.

The Far East regularly stands out in the art market with its sales records.

We find Chinese porcelain in blue white, in polychromy, in green or pink family, but also sandstone, terracotta sculptures, etc. China also offers us manufactured objects of exceptional refinement: stone snuff boxes hard, jade sculptures, so many marvels brought back for several centuries to France by companies including the famous Compagnie des Indes. Today, it is in painting and sculpture in particular that China is illustrated with very big names like Ai Weiwei, Zao Wou-ki, Yue Minjun, Yan Pei-Ming.

In Japan, if ceramics is not left out, we often retain lacquers, calligraphy, ivory work with netsukes and okimonos, but also the art of war with swords, katanas and armor of unsurpassed quality.

On the African continent, we travel through a multiplicity of ethnicities and cultures: Berber carpets, Congolese fetishes, masks. Each object in bronze, terracotta, wood, carries a message and a rite.

We find these tribal specificities in the arts of Oceania, the productions of Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands or other Pacific islands are nothing without the part of intangible heritage which is linked to them.

In South America, it is the Aztec, Mayan, Toltec cultures that we rub shoulders with, still rich in mysteries and questions.

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