[TURKEY] Michel-François Préaulx (ACT.1796-1827)... - Lot 127 - Vasari Auction

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[TURKEY] Michel-François Préaulx (ACT.1796-1827)... - Lot 127 - Vasari Auction
Michel-François Préaulx (ACT.1796-1827) (draftsman) - Jean Victor Louis FAURE (1786-1879) (engraver) - Pierre Langlumé (1790-1830) (lithographer): "Caves and volcanic grounds in the Gulf of Kabakos of the Black Sea Canal." 1822. Lithograph, 25.5 x 41 cm. Mentions : Preaulx del.; Lith. de Langlumé. Faure lith; Pl.IX. Piqures

Note: Plate taken from the atlas of : "Constantinople and the Bosporus of Thrace, during the years 1812, 1813 and 1814, and during the year 1826, with an atlas composed of six engraved plates, and four landscape lithographs, by M. le Comte Andreossy..." by Antoine François Andréossy, edited by Theophile Barrois and Benj. Duprat, Paris, 1828.
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