• Sold 14 000 €
    Sold 14 000 €
    JOUVE Paul (1878-1973)
    Panthère noire de face, pattes croisées
    Lithographie originale sur papier Rives
  • Sold 2 700 €
    Sold 2 700 €
    RUBCOV Aleksandr dit ROUBTZOFF Alexandre (1884-1949)
    Femme au khôl assise en tailleur
    prénommée "Mebrouka"
  • Sold  22 000 €
    Sold 22 000 €
    PICASSO Pablo (1881 - 1973)
    Mougins, 15 avril 1962.

Printed matter: books & prints

Our Passion for Books sales offer works from all eras and genres.

From manuscripts to modern books, find the writings of great authors, poets, explorers and journalists, beautiful love writings or autobiographies.
On the manuscript side, autograph submissions are doing the good job with handwritten or typescript writings which provide information on the evolution of a work.
From the 17th and 18th century, we remember the beautiful vellum bindings, the full calf, morocco and soft sheepskin, the "brass band" ornaments that adorn the great religious, historical or even political works.

Encyclopedias, scientific, botanical and medical works are particularly sought after. If finding an encyclopedia of Diderot and Alembert remains the Holy Grail for collectors, we can fall back on renowned works such as the encyclopedia of Buffon or the animal kingdom of Cuvier.

Without being chauvinistic, regionalist works are marks of time or memories for some bygone days and allow the reader to rediscover his roots. Works on customs, manuscripts of parish registers and other documents are elements of study on French society at a time and in a specific place.

Travel stories by big names like Bougainvillea, Swift with his Gulliver, or Defoe with Robinson Crusoe are sometimes illustrated with engravings. In the 19th century, the illustrated book developed with notably Gustave Doré, Daubigny, Daumier. The end of the 19th saw the appearance of the artist's book, which was a resounding success at the start of the 20th with Dali, Miro, Picasso, Cocteau.
Our files always indicate whether the book is in original edition, first edition, numbered edition, with shipments or other.

We also introduce you to the world of prints. If this generic name remains obscure for some it brings together many techniques, we thus present you engravings in particular with dry points, etchings and engraved woods, or, more recent, lithographies or serigraphs of artists.

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