• Sold 8 800 €
    Sold 8 800 €
    de DREUX Alfred (DEDREUX Pierre-Alfred
    dit) (1810-1860)
    Chasse à courre
  • Sold 15 200 €
    Sold 15 200 €
    LAPICQUE Charles (1898-1988)
    Printemps Vicentin, 1954
    Huile sur toile

Old modern & contemporary paintings

If the term "painting" designates a very specific category of work of art, a surface painted on a flat support, it covers a complex and varied reality from the 13th century to the 21st century. Vasari Auction presents paintings in its Art & Decorations sales or online Bric & Broc sales.

Ancient paintings are illustrated by their religious, mythological or allegorical subjects. Little by little, the artist's gaze becomes more established and while following the fashions or opposing it in a virulent manner, a vision appears. Gouaches, inks, miniatures, oil on panel or oils on canvas are the support of ideas and the illustration of pictorial movements through landscapes, portraits, historical or gallant scenes, ...
The paintings lead us through these currents: the mannerism of Pontormo, the baroque of Velasquez, the classicism of Poussin, the rococo of Watteau, the neo-classicism of Jacques-Louis David, the romanticism of Delacroix, the realism of Courbet, the Symbolism of Redon, Impressionism of Monet, Expressionism of Munch, Fauvism of Matisse, Cubism of Picasso, Abstract Art of Kandinsky, Surrealism of Dali, Art Brut by Dubuffet or Pop Art by Warhol or current Street Art.

Our experts take turns over the ages to enlighten you on ancient, modern or contemporary paintings and their authenticity through studies, illustrious provenances and certificates when necessary.

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